Apr 162013
Working with Spaces

There are good and bad points about location photography. The good is that no two locations are the same, and the bad is that no two locations are the same. When I leave the comfort of the studio, the primary mission is to work with whatever conditions and settings I encounter. Scouting locations for environmental [more...]

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Jan 312013

It’s always a nice collaboration to work with performers who know their way in front of a camera and to have the opportunity to shoot with different styles and techniques. A talented actor and singer, Nicole needed some new headshots for a CD cover and other promo uses.  Nicole was looking for a straight forward [more...]

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Nov 102010
Harry Rich: A Mad Man No More

It seems very far away from the bustle of Madison Avenue and Connecticut’s advertising scene to find Harry Rich living in Vermont off a dirt road, surrounded by farms and mountains – but that’s where he has found peace and renewed inspiration. I always admired Harry. He was very instrumental in hiring me early in [more...]

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