Jul 202011
Frozen In Time

Food photography can be quite challenging. There are always two specific demands in making the food appetizing and photogenic: one is the proper preparation of the food specifically for photography, and the second is of course in the lighting and techniques to bring out the textures, details, and the desired look.

We were hired recently for a series of product groupings for The Farmer’s Cow, a group of six Connecticut family owned dairy farms. Their products vary from eggs, to ice cream, milk, apple cider and other beverages. The photographs will be used for a variety of marketing purposes so the shots needed to be composed loosely for different cropping options and have seasonally themed change-outs.

Of course, assembling a good team is key and having great art direction and a food/set stylist makes all the difference. Art direction and design was by Laura Tedeschi of Tedeschi Design, and Heather Bean and Catherine Paukner did a superb job of prepping the food and sets. It’s a nice to have a team handling different aspects of the production, allowing each of us to concentrate on our individual tasks. While food was being prepped, we worked with food “stand-ins” tweaking the set, lighting and details.

I opted to have a main large fresnel key light from the rear on every shot to bring out the texture and add separation, a big overhead fill for the shadows, and several low skimming grids to bring out additional texture and specific detail on areas such as labels. Once the client approved the setup and lighting, the “real” food was brought in for the final exposures. With items such as real ice cream, one has to shoot quickly before it starts melting and the texture changes.

And best perk about doing food photography? When it’s done, the leftovers are delicious!

Food Photographer - Ice Cream

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  22 Responses to “Frozen In Time”

  1. Very tasty.

  2. Hi Al…..oh sure show us this on one of the hottest days of the year, such a tease! Shots are wonderful, of course!!

    • Thanks for your comment JB. Yeah, somehow when the temperature outside is hovering around 100 degrees, featuring the ice cream image just seemed kinda refreshing.

  3. thanks al, what a beautiful present for today. appreciate your thinking of us!

  4. Too bad you couldn’t send along some samples! Thank you.

  5. I LOVE it !

    Thank you so much. That was thoughtful and communicative.
    I miss you and Al – you’re two cool cats !

    Hope to see you sooner rather than later.

  6. FYI—I get their vanilla ice cream with peanut butter…it’s AMAZING!

  7. That is a beautiful shot.
    Hopefully you go to eat some of the set-ups?


    • Thanks Rita. About eating the set-ups – well, clients always get the first dibs :-( Unfortunately I never got to taste the sundae- had to move on to the next shot, and somebody else snatched it.

  8. Hi Al,

    truly enjoyed viewing your work… particularly “frozen in time”, I could almost taste the chocolate fudge on that sundae!! I’m retiring in September so my days with Griffin are numbered. I’ve always thought fondly of the days we worked together; you produced some of the best photography Griffin has. Keep up the good work. My best to you and JoAnne.


    • Thanks Dorothy, I appreciate your comments. Sorry to hear about you leaving, but I’m sure other doors are just opening. Best wishes and I hope our paths will cross again.

  9. As I said to Joanne earlier –
    Cool! Although it looks like a Hot (fudge) Sundae, not Friday!! ;-)

  10. The photo’s are simply GREAT! Thanks for including them on your blog post.
    -Robin Chesmer, Graywall Farms
    Managing Member, The Farmer’s Cow

    • Hi Robin, thanks for your comment, and a special big thanks for the opportunity to work with you and all the folks at TFC in this project.

  11. All the shots are beautiful! I can’t believe how much the team got done in just 2 days. And it was fun too! I hope we can do some more work together.

    • Hi Laura, yep, we had a couple of productive two days, but I also agree that it was actually fun ( and delicious ). And thanks for the great art direction, and making it all come together. Hope to work you also again soon, we need some more of that nice ice cream :-)