Feb 262014

Every January, Boston builds an ice rink for a few weeks in the midfield at Fenway Park to host a series of skating and hockey events with college teams throughout New England in what is called “Frozen Fenway”. This year, I covered Hartford’s Trinity College Bantams hockey team playing the Williams College Ephs. In case [more…]

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Oct 222013

Lighting is the fundamental ingredient in every photograph, it defines the mood and feel of a scene and how to handle it is always the primary question when evaluating a setting. Whether staging lighting to achieve a specific look or working with available light, we’ve always been at the mercy of time, conditions, or the [more…]

Nov 282011

A week without power due to the freak October storm really scrambled our deadline driven business, and blog entries fell to the wayside. A last minute assignment with hundreds of images had to be processed and edited on my laptop when there was no power. While keeping a weary eye on the quickly draining battery, [more…]

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